User Manual


Trident Gamepad


Product appearance

  1. Directional Pad
  2. Left Analog Stick
  3. Action Buttons
  4. Right Analog Stick
  5. HOME Button
  6. L1/L2 Buttons
  7. SHARE Buttons
  8. OPTIONS Button
  9. R1/R2 Buttons
  10. Touch sensitive pad
  11. Synch Button
  12. Indicator Light
  13. USB Connector

How to operate

  1. Turn on your console (using the “Home” button on the GameDevil Wireless Trident Gamepad will NOT turnon the console)
  2. Plug the USB Bluetooth Dongle into a spare USB port on the front of the PS4 TM console
  3. Turn on the GameDevil Wireless Trident Gamepad by pressing the HOME Button
  4. The indicator light on the USB Dongle will flash which means it is trying to synch to the controller
  5. When the controller and the USB Dongle are synched, the light will stay on permantly
  6. If the synch is unsuccessful, press and hold the synch button on the Dongle for 5 seconds to retry the process

Safety precautions

  • Do NOT expose the product to hot or cold temperatures or close to any heat source such as elements, ovens or direct sunlight, high humidity
  • Do NOT use in areas of high humidity or if wet from water or other liquids
  • Do NOT open, bend, service else trying to modify the product in any way, as this can cause electrical shocks, fire or damage
  • Only clean with a soft, dry cloth, not using any type of solvents or chemicals

This User Manual is available in English, Français, Italiano, Deutsch, Español & Svenska. Click the link below to open it in a new browser window: User Manual – GameDevil Wireless Trident Gamepad (PDF)